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Inner peace and Pyung Sang Shim

Always Peaceful Mind | Pyung Sang Shim

In tae kwon do training, we strive for inner peace.

One means to the peace that I have been taught is called pyung sang shim which translates as an always peaceful mind.

The philosophy behind pyung sang shim however, far exceeds its simple translation.

If you are living with an always peaceful mind you have achieved a higher level of being. It can take years to reach this balance.

You can see how much there is to appreciate around you.

We must actively show appreciation for the things we already have. Most people are surrounded by blessings they may not even see.

The greater our status becomes, the more thankful and humble we should be to truly appreciate what we have.

Pyung sang shim allows you to be ready to help others who could benefit from your experience. The more we have to give to others, the more we will receive in return.

You take care of your body and treat it well.

To be able to give to others, you have to first love yourself and that includes taking care of your body by eating well, resting, exercising and relieving stress.

When you can live with an always peaceful mind, you will find great happiness.

Isn't being happy what we all seek?

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