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The tae kwon do ITF is the International Tae kwon do Federation. The ITF was founded in 1966 by General Choi.

General Choi founded the Oh Do Kwan after the Korean War.

Most of General Choi's Oh Do Kwan instructors were students of the Cho Do Kwan prior to the war. The Cho Do Kwan style was called Tang Soo Do.

The Oh Do Kwan poomse or tul he developed are known as the original Chang Ho Hyung or Chang Hun forms.

These orignal 24 patterns became part of the Republic of Korea Army physical training program. No matter what kwan a man was originally from, he learned the Chang Ho Hyng of the Oh Do Kwan.

This lead to the rise of the Chang Hun forms throughout Korea and the formation of the ITF.

Because of political incidents in South Korea, General Choi moved his organization to Canada in 1972. The administrative headquarters have since moved to Rome, Italy. Due to the death of General Choi in 2002, there has been political infighting within the ITF and the original organization splintered.

The ITF still use the original 24 Chang Ho Hyung developed by General Choi Hong Hi.

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