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Me at Kukkiwon watching the National Team practice, July 2008

World Tae kwon do Federation

The tae kwon do WTF is the World Tae kwon do Federation. The WTF is the international organization governing Olympic taekwondo sparring. They also oversee the function of tae kwon do competition world wide.

Through various changes over time, the WTF has utilized different tae kwon do forms for teaching . Prior to the early 1970's the WTF utilized Palgwe and Dan poomse. Palgwe poomse were adopted by most kwans in 1967. Prior to that time, most schools taught the Pyong Ahn forms. Now the WTF and Kukkiwon sanction the Taeguk and Dan forms in poomse competition.

The WTF was founded May 28, 1973 at Kukkiwon in Seoul.

Before the early 1970's, the WTF was known as the KTA or Korea Tae kwon do Association. The KTA is now a member of the WTF as are several other world regions like the USTA or United States Taekwondo Association.

The WTF and Kukkiwon are often confused as one homogeneous organization but they actually broker different functions in the promotion of tae kwon do around the world.

WTF tae kwon do is practiced in 188 countries around the world.

WTF tae kwon do is also the only tae kwon do sport sanctioned by the IOC or International Olympic Committee.

WTF style sparring became a demonstration sport during the 1988 Olympics in Seoul South Korea. The WTF continued to work with the IOC until tae kwon do sparring became an official medal sport at the 2000 Sydney Olympics.

WTF tae kwon do sparring will be included in the Beijing Olympics 2008. Click the Olympic rings for more on Olympic taekwondo.

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