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Tae kwon do Belt System

The tae kwon do belt system showing rank advancement requires students to wear belts of different colors.

Though there are many different styles of tae kwon do but one thing holds true, there is a belt system rank.

Most people believe black belt is the pinnacle.

Not True!

There are actually 10 levels or degrees of black belt. No living person reaches beyond 9th degree. The 10th degree is a posthumous award.
I don't believe there has ever been a woman to reach 9th degree but I could be wrong. If I am, please contact me, I'd like to know about her.

Important Note:

The following information came from a wonderful viewer of the site~~
"I'm going to guess that when you wrote the section about the belt system and that no woman has ever reached the rank of 9th Dan that the April 2008 issue of Tae Kwon Do Times hadn't come out yet. Grandmaster Myong Namkung Mayes of North Carolina is the highest ranking woman in the WTF. She was recently promoted to 9th Dan. My daughter is very proud to say that she was her first instructor! I look forward to reading more of your site."


Thanks for that important update. It's great when viewers of the site let me know where the information I share is incorrect, so it can benefit us all.
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Colored Belt System

Tae kwon do Belt The colored belts are a system to determine where a student resides in their studies. Much like being called a Freshman, Sophomore, Jr. or Sr. It merely represents where you are at the moment.

The colors themselves are progressive and associated with philosophical meaning. Ponder this as you reach every new goal and celebrate with a new tae kwon do belt.

White Belt:

The lack of color signifies purity and innocence. The novice has no knowledge of tae kwon do.

Yellow Belt:

The color of the rising sun. Seeds in the ground begin to germinate and grow. Basic tae kwon do techniques begin to be learned.

Orange Belt:

The color of the rising sun. Seeds in the ground begin to germinate and grow. Basic tae kwon do techniques begin to be learned.

Green Belt:

The color of growing things that all can see. Power begins to develop.

Blue / Purple Belt:

The color of the sky which growing things reach for. Physical and mental power starts to stabilize.

Brown Belt:

The color of the ground where growing things are rooted firmly. Stability of physical and mental power is apparent.

Red / Bodan Belt:

The color of blood, the essential life force. Maturity, honor and respect are exhibited as character begins to perfect.

Black Belt:

Black is the combination of all color. The final stage where technique is mastered within the humble and serene beauty of the plant.

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Did you know...

Taekwondo Black Belt
Originally there was only one color of belt?

A student received a white belt only.

You never wash a belt!

Through years of training, the white belt would become soiled with dirt, grime and blood becoming darker and hence a black belt.

Ranks are Awarded

Tae kwon do belt system ranks are earned and awarded based on two factors.

  • Skill level
  • Time training at that level

All styles of tae kwon do have constraints about how long a student must remain at a certain level before advancing.

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