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Tae kwon do Workouts for Women Over 40

Let's face it, getting old sucks.

I was a very fit woman in her late 30's when I became a tae kwon do mom.

I used to laugh at women who used the tired saying,
"Everything goes downhill after 40."

I couldn't imagine anything going downhill just because I was closing in on forty.

Newsflash, they were right!

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But they don't have to be!

TKD Woman over 40
Tae kwon do workouts range tremendously because you and your Master tailor them to your needs.

After 40, people often believe it's too late to start a healthy workout agenda. They worry it will be too difficult.

The tae kwon do mom makes excuses about not having the time and often fears injury because she perceives tae kwon do workouts to be very strenuous.

When we reach 40 our bodies do change.

Our muscles become stiffer, our tendons shorten and what flexibility we may have once had can reduce rapidly. Believe it or not, most of these actualities occur because of inactivity.

When a tae kwon do mom hits the 40+ mark it is more important than ever that she has a tae kwon do workout routine.

Every strong step you take toward better fitness in your mid years actually makes you younger! That bears repeating.

Exercise makes you younger.

""Prepare your mind to receive the best that life has to offer.""
-Ernest Holmes
Strong Woman

Tae kwon do Workouts.

Tae kwon do workouts help you battle heart disease, osteoporosis, weight gain, stress and high blood pressure. They also help build muscle strength, self esteem, coordination and balance.

The 15 minutes of stretching and calisthenics we do to warm up at the beginning of every class is great physical conditioning and mandatory for the tae kwon do mom who want to be in good shape.

If every senior citizen did 15 minutes of stretching each day, how much healthier could they be?

How many fewer medications could they do without?

Would health care insurance costs go down? The impact is staggering.

If you live a completely sedentary lifestyle, always check with a doctor before beginning a physical fitness program. If you already workout, keep in mind that tae kwon do workouts are a superior form of physical conditioning, strength training and self improvement.

Always stay within your target heart rate.

Remember, tae kwon do workouts are for more than the body. They exercise the mind and spirit as well.

A Healthy Brain is a Happy Brain

Happy woman

Exercising the mind becomes more important as we age. You need an exercise plan for your brain as well as your body.

Taekwondo workouts help my memory and exercise my brain.

How many times have you walked into a room only to have no idea why?

This happens often to a any mom, even a tae kwon do mom.

You know you wanted something, that's what brought you to the room in the first place, but for your life, you just can't remember what it was.

So you go back to what you were doing and suddenly remember what you intended in the first place.

Happens to me a lot.

For some expert advice on anti-aging, visit Effective-Antiaging-Tips on how to look and feel younger.

Stay Fit be Younger

Want to look younger every year?

Be 25 FOREVER. Start your own tae kwon do workouts.

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Part of your tae kwon do training is learning preordained sets of movements. They may be in a form or pattern poomse. Or they could be a preset self defense technique.

Whatever the movements, you must learn and memorize them. Know what comes next and be prepared to engage.

The further you progress in external martial arts, what we are calling tae kwon do workouts here, the more hunger you develop for the internal martial arts. Those internal arts will exercise your spirit

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