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Tenets of Tae kwon do

Tenets of Tae kwon do


To be courteous is to have deference and consideration for others. We teach our children to say please and thank you. We appreciate when someone holds the door for us. Being courteous is a fundamental necessity in any society. It demonstrates a deep respect and consideration for others. “When one is possessed by a high regard for the greater good, courteous acts do not require a deliberate effort, but become a natural expression of one’s inner state.” Marc Tedeschi


To have integrity is to show a firm adherence to moral values. To know inherently what is right and to choose consciously or sub-consciously to do that which is right, is honorable. Trust must be earned. It is through a person's integrity that others become willing to offer that trust.. It is difficult to always have the right action. It is too easy to lose integrity in the eyes of others. Once we lose the trust of our peers, it is almost impossible to regain. So it is better to cultivate integrity in everything that we do, rather than work to regain it because of a momentary lapse.


To persist in spite of opposition is to have perseverance (en nai). If a goal is easy to achieve, then it has no real value. In order to achieve great things, we must have the ability to persevere. Overcoming obstacles (gun gi) takes resolve. Through Tae kwon do training, we gain the confidence necessary and patience to persevere.


To exercise restraint over you impulses, emotions and desires is to have self-control. It is extremely important to gain self-control when training in martial arts. Training in Tae kwon do gives you powerful knowledge of deadly skills. If you do not have control over physical actions and emotions, you risk hurting yourself or your partner. Self-control is not just about successfully denying yourself the things you love that may or may not be good for you. It is the triumphant use of patience as we strive for the greater good.


To have a spirit that is incapable of being subdued. We admire greatness in the face of adversity, whether in an athletic event or a medical crisis. Having the confidence to believe in yourself and your goals and knowing that steady resolve will lead the way to great things is reflective of an indomitable spirit. Not everyone is born a hero, but heroism can be cultivated. A true hero is one who does not retreat when the going gets rough, but sticks it out and continues to do the right thing, regardless of each victory or defeat.

The tenets of tae kwon do evolved from ancient moral teachings of the Hwa rang warrior class and are a integral part of tae kwon do study and the fabric of Korean life.

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