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Mens Workouts | Tae kwon do for men over 40

Are you too old for Martial Arts?

mens fitness over 40

Too Old for Rock and Roll, Too Young To Die.

by Master Alan Zuckerman

Mens workouts in martial arts, when you are in your 50ís, should have another name: Senior Do, Tae Kwon Old, Kung Old Fool, or Health Care-a-te.

When asked in the locker room about my condition, I quip that I am aging faster than I can get in shape.

I came to tae kwon do in my Forties. I was out to dinner with an old friend whom, I discovered, was a black belt in tae kwon do. He had been practicing, on and off, since he was a child.

I also had a young son whom I thought would benefit from a martial arts program.

Concidentally,I am a retail real estate broker, and I had the good fortune of offering a store to a Grandmaster in tae kwon do. I didnít sell him, but luckily he sold me.

When you practice mens workouts in taekwondo as a fully formed adult, you donít necessarily have different expectations than when you start as a child. Expectations formed by Bruce Lee, David Caradine, James Bond, Napoleon Solo and all the TV shows and movies of the 1950ís, and 60ís,

I wanted to be lethalÖ and good looking!

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Martial Arts over 40

Older man backstance
Martial arts is like a seed that is planted in your body. With the proper environment, it takes root and grows.

If youíve been on this journey as I have, you understand what this means.

If you are new to martial arts, I can tell you that change both expected and unexpected, is coming. If you are starting late in life, I can offer you this equation:

Maturity = (patience + perseverance)-(flexibility + hair).

Think long term. Listen to your body and not your mind.

I have seen too many adults come into class and their minds say their body is 21. They either stretch too far, or kick too hard, or try to achieve what used to be easy.

Your mind will tell you that you can still do it, but your body may need a little more time. Short term, overachieving goals in tae kwon do lead to injuries and injuries lead to quitting and acquiescing to the myth that you are too old for this sport.


You canít understand the journey with one step; you can only understand one step of the journey. These are mens workouts worth sticking with.

"Age is strictly a case of mind over matter. If you don't mind, it doesn't matter."
-Jack Benny
Mens Tae kwon do over 40

Diet and Exercise for Health
Diet and exercise plus a little education can help you become and stay healthy. Don't live your life so that medical professionals and drugs are needed to fix you once you're broken.

Mens Workouts include Healthy Eating

  • A vegetarian diet reduces cholesterol.

  • Vegarians have 1/3 incidence of high blood pressure.

  • A vegetarian diet reduces the risk of colon cancer

  • Modifying your diet just a little can improve your health.

  • Even if you have no thought of giving up meat, you can make modifications to the types and frequency with which you consume meat, and have a dramatic affect on your long term health.

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