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Tae kwon do philosophy is a Way of Life

Tae kwon do philosophy can be described as an idealistic and physical means of becoming one with the universe through the study of martial art.

Living fully and in harmony with ones surroundings through the perfection of the art is living on the path or do.

In its grandest sense, practice of Tae kwon do is to seek transcendence and thereby happiness.

Many seek happiness by practicing a healthy life style. Having good eating habits, using meditation techniques and more. All come together to shape a fuller, more meaningful and happier life.

Men, women and children alike, are greatly intrigued by the martial arts. Whether seen in the movies, television or storefront window of a school, there is something unique about the art that draws you in.

Those few individuals who decide to study martial arts specifically to learn how to fight, ignoring the other aspects of its nature, are missing the true meaning of tae kwon do.Tae kwon do philosophy tells us that training in the way (do) is truly a way of life.


You may ask, “How does learning to kick, punch and yell while I break a piece of wood become a way of life?”

To see only kicking, punching and yelling is to not look at the underlying purpose of the martial arts.

The study of tae kwon do requires intense physical and mental training. Through this training we begin to unify all the aspects of life, physical-mental-emotional-spiritual, that make us human.

The individual who is new to the martial arts or tae kwon do in particular is thinking,

“I just wanted to learn some self-defense moves. I didn’t know taekwondo was so involved.”

Or maybe they were just looking to get into shape, to be strong and healthy.

I would tell them, these are admirable, wonderful goals that should definitely be pursued.

Tae kwon do training is the best way to reach these goals.

My master is a great philosopher

He often tells us stories to help us remember our greater purpose. pyung sang shim

Pyung sang shim is one of those stories. His master painted this saying on a parchment that hangs in our dojang.

Click the image at right to learn more of this tae kwon do philosophy.

Another story that Grandmaster often shares with his students is difficult for many to understand, but entirely true.

If you have discovered The Secret, then you already know the moral of this story:
The four kinds of happiness.

The final philosphy of my master that I will share with you is something he calls

moo oui jung ja

Kwan jang nim tells his students that moo oui jung ja is the reason we study tae kwon do.

"I do not want to get to the end of my life and find that I just lived the length of it. I want to have lived the width of it as well."
~Diane Ackerman

Choose the right action (chung hang)

See how the chung hang tae kwon do philosophy translates to your life.

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